How to root Bluestacks 2 using bs helper tool

Do you want to root bluestacks 2 using bs helper?  I know because this is what made you land on my page.

To root bluestacks 2 with bs helper follow my tutorial step by step.

Make sure that you installed bluestacks in your pc If you wondering will it works on mac?  yup it works on mac and windows

 Follow this step by step format to root bluestacks 2 with bs helper tool

  • Open Buestacks 2 on your Windows/Mac
  • root bluestacks using bs helper toolGot to Playstore and Download “Root check” and Install it
  • Open “Root Check” to check your bluestacks is rooted or not
  • And now BS helper tool (bluestacks helper tool) download from here:
  • Now open the (which you downloaded) on your mac/windows.
  • Now Click on the “BShelper.exe” file and open it.

root bluestacks using bs helper tool

  • Click on “Patch for Superuser” cog (button) on the tab which appeared
  • Done! now go and check it on the “Root check” either it rooted or not.

Root Bluestacks 2  using step by step

If you didn’t get it right follow Anirudh pulikonda sir’s Video tutorial he just nailed by explaining.

In this video, he explained this in step by step format to make users understand easily.

He will soon upload how to root bluestacks 3 too.

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Hope your bluestacks rooted without any problem.

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How to Exceed/Solve Mega Download Limit Bypass Error

Soo many people are facing mega download limit bypass error to download files which are more than 5gb follow my tutorial

The mega cloud storage free plan will come with 50gb free Storage to there users but it cannot download files that are more than 5 GB of file size

To Bypass Mega Bandwidth Limit Exceeded follow these step by step tutorial to solve these error.

To download files which are more than 5 GB you need to get a pro plan but if you follow my tutorial step by step you don’t need to get any plan and you can download your files (more than 10GB) 

I love mega because it can download our files very rapidly and also respects our privacy.mega download limit bypass

  1. Go to Mega and Select the file to download (which is more than 10gb) 

mega download limit bypass

2. Now after trying to download the file which is more than 5gb with your free plan the mega will pause the download

Now the mega will popup a tab and shows you that your plan can’t allow downloading your file.

No worries I know these the reason why you landed on my page I got the solution to this problem you.

Mega Bandwidth Exceeded with Mega Downloader


mega download limit bypass

3.  Now go to Mega downloader and download that software to download unlimited downloads of mega files which are more than 5gb 

mega download limit bypass

4. As you can see here the 10 GB file was not downloading so go to the top URL bar and copy the file URL address. 

mega download limit bypass

5. Now open the mega downloader and just go to streaming section by clicking in the top menu and check the “use streaming server” and click on “save” button

mega download limit bypass

6. After clicking save automatically a popup will appear now click on “streaming” and then “watch online”

mega download limit bypass

7. Now paste the URL Address Which you copied in the mega website then mega downloader will generate a link

as shown in the above picture “Streaming URL Link” and copy that URL Address.

mega download limit bypass

8. Now open your Internet download manager and Click on “Add URL” and then paste that generated your URL which you copied last

And Click on “Start Download” as you can see in the above picture the file size is more than 10gb 

Now the Problem is solved your file is waving at you

Yup this is the last step I just screenshotted every step to Explain you with Pictures more than words.

The File will download now! 

Happy Downloading!

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What is Impressum and how to set up on a Facebook?

An Impressum (Imprint) is a form/page in which you can write about your company/business details which are relevant to your legal information

From there your visitors or the public can know about your company registered details and also the legal policies which helps them to understand better

This will helps them to know the value of a company in only a few words and in a simple way

Impressum is a Latin word adopted and raised in German which means, imprint, Authorship, Credits, Legal Notice, About, Terms of Conditions,  

The Impressum intent is to provide your details like about us, contact us, Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policies

Especially In Germany, an Impressum is required for any website that uses the “.de” top-level domain.

Impressum Example for facebook page

Let me make it simple! I Inserted an image (Screenshot) as an example:

what is impressum
Impressum example for facebook page

This is an example of a Facebook page in this above image you can see the legal details like

  • Contact details
  • Legal representatives
  • Credits
  • Authorship
  • About

How to set up an Impressum on a Facebook Page

  1. Go to your Facebook page
  2. Click “About” on the left side of your page
  3. Go Through “More Info” Section
  4. Click on “Edit Impressum” Below and 
  5. Now add your Info (The Limit is 2000 characters)
  6. Click “Save Changes”

How to write Impressum for facebook page

How to write Impressum for facebook page

  • Name of your Business or Organization
  • Address of the Business or Organization.
  • Business or Organization Contact information; phone number, fax number, e-mail.
  • Name of the owner or manager of the page and the Business or Organization.
  • Registration and license number(s) for the Business or Organization.
  • Links to your Business or Organization’s official website’s Impressum page.

Best Free Impressum Generator

1.E Recht 24

One of the best and free facebook generator is E Recht 24 facebook imprint generator

this free tool will help people to generate a facebook Imprint in a nice procedure.